Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Among the old neighborhoods of Lisbon, Mouraria is the one which most proudly has resisted to modernity.
Because of the humidity in the alleys (becos in Portuguese), the structural weakness of the buildings, and the gloomy feel of petty crime, real estate speculation has been until now discouraged.
I noticed no intrusion of new, trendy clubs, except the spaghetti restaurant Cantina Baldracca.
There are only groceries run by Pakistan citizens, taverns and African restaurants.
Old people have an easy living in Mouraria: they liven up the streets and keep the spiritual supremacy of the old neighborhood alive.
Scottish artist Camilla Watson, in last September, dedicated to them Tributo, an exposition featuring 19 shots of aged habitantes, whose serigraphies cover the walls of Beco das Farinhas.
Here are some images...

Senhor Joaquim

Dona Amélia

Senhor Salgado

Dona Nazaré

Senhor Henrique

Senhor Carlos and José Moreira

Dona Adelaide

Dona Georgette, Senhor António and Dona Adelaide (detail)

Senhor Carlos and Dom Quixote

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