Monday, 17 May 2010


- “The Lisbon stock market fell 10 per cent over the past week”. Financial Times, 9/5/2010.
- “Immédiatement après l'annonce de Moody's, la Bourse de Lisbonne a enregistré une baisse brutale de 2,30 %”. Le Monde, 5/5/2010.
- “A seguito dell'annuncio di Standard & Poor's, la Borsa di Lisbona ha perso il 5,36%”. Il Sole 24 Ore, 27/4/2010.
- "Als Reaktion auf die Warnung von Moody's brach die Börse in Lissabon um 2,3 Prozent ein". Die Zeit, 5/5/2010.

Everybody talks about it, but I have been there.

Lisbon Stock Exchange, Rua Soeiro Pereira Gomes.

E sti cazzi (1).

The sky over Lisbon starts again, welcome back.

(1) Sti cazzi is a regional expression of indifference and surprise used in the centre of Italy, especially in Rome.

P.S. In the Italian version of this website (Il cielo sopra Lisbona), I have already published almost 150 posts about Lisbon. I will try to translate them soon. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

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